Junior Information

General Junior Training Information.

Group Lessons will begin once provincial Covid restrictions are lifted.
To take either group or private lessons, you must be a member. Please follow instructions on how to be a member.

For group and private lessons, please click here and send us an email.

Progressive tennis is a method of junior training using low compression balls, modified court size and nets. These modifications help young tennis players succeed and build confidence at every level.

Red Dot is the lowest compression ball. This age group, 5-7 yrs old, uses mini nets and half court. Main focus is on fundamental stroke technique. 

Orange balls are 50% less compression than regular tennis balls. Children in this group, 7-9yr old. continue to develop stroke techniques on 3/4 courts.

Green balls are 25% less compression than regular tennis balls. Children in this group, 9-12 yrs old, work on path, angle, speed of the ball while continuing stroke development on full court transition.

Age is just one way to identify what level of tennis is best for your child. Motor skills, athleticism, focus and number of hours of practice may alter where your child is placed. 

Summer Camp at West Vaughan
Dates TBD

We will be offering a one-week summer camp in July and August for our Junior players (red, orange and green dot balls).  Please stay tuned for more information on our Summer Camps

Group Lessons For Juniors at Kleinburg
(on hold due to COVID restrictions)

Saturday and Sunday Junior Lessons(on Hold)

Lessons offered weekly for 8 weeks
1) Red/Orange Group 9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
2) Orange/Green Group 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m.

May 8th  – June 26th 
July 10 – Aug 28th
*Minimum of 6 participants to run a session.*

Weekday Junior Lessons (on Hold)

Lessons offered from 5:30pm-7:00 pm
twice weekly for 4 weeks

1) Orange/ Green Group 
2) Red/Orange Group
(Tuesdays and Thursdays)

May 11 – June 3
June 8- July 1st
July 6-July 29th

*Minimum of 6 participants to run a session.*