2024 Season Opening Day

Last Sunday, April 28th, the Vaughan Tennis Club hosted its Opening Day at Bindertwine Park courts in Kleinburg. More than 50 members came out to enjoy a great social event, round robin tennis, and the very popular “Smash Cage”, provided by the OTA.

Despite a rain shortened day, Jennifer Gabaudan, Director of Social Events, and her dedicated team of volunteers (including Coach Edward) did a great job ensuring that new members and returning members were welcomed and introduced to each other.  Special thanks to Frances Pullano for the delicious sandwiches and croissants, to Arnaud, Tertia, and Jason for running an enjoyable round robin, to Paulo for the popular massage table, and to Nadeem from the OTA for the Smash Cage. Just before the rain started, everyone in attendance gathered at center court as brothers Horatiu and Adrian Pantea sent up their drone camera high above the courts to capture some awesome aerial shots. Wishing everyone another great season of tennis and fun on the courts.